Action Camera Video(s)

How Does Action Camera Rental Work? 

Just a few steps from renting your camera to enjoying and sharing video(s).

  1. Rent Camera. Camera rentals are available via online booking as an add-on during the checkout process or in Park. If you’d like to rent a camera at the Park, let our Crew know you would like to add a camera rental to your experience. 
  2. Start Recording. Before you get in your Kart, start your Axe Throwing, or Rage Room session, please notify one of our crew members. They will set and start the camera for you to capture the best footage.  
  3. Record the Adrenaline. Pass your friends, record your new record lap time, blast some bullseyes, and record your smashing!  
  4. Get Your Video. At the end of your activities, return the camera to the front counter and we provide you a receipt for your specific camera. That receipt will have a QR code you can scan on your phone to view your video! 
  5. Download & Share! Don’t forget to download your video to save and share your adrenaline rush! Your video is automatically ready for posting to social, but don’t forget to tag us!  
Videos are $7 for 1 activity session or $12 for 3 activity sessions.

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